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Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai: April 11, 2010

The following is a short write-up by Pat Nakata Sensei on our most recent Hawaii Karate Kenkyukai meeting held on 11 April 2010.

This session was very interesting and fun. Sean Roberts Sensei started by performing the Rohai Kata. We were expecting him to do the (Itosu) Rohai Shodan, but instead, he performed the Tomari Rohai, which is the classical Rohai. Anko Itosu Sensei created three Rohai kata (Rohai Shodan, Nidan, and Sandan) from the Tomari Rohai. Hisae Ishii-Chang Sensei was to have performed the Meikyo Kata, which is a Shotokan Kata that was created by Gichin Funakoshi or his son Giko, or possibly both. Meikyo is a combination of the Itosu Rohai Nidan and Sandan. Unfortunately, Hisae Sensei was not able to attend. Charles Goodin Sensei performed the Matsubayashi (Tomari) Rohai.

Angel Lemus Sensei performed the Chikina no Tunfa (Tuifa, Tunkua), followed by Alan Yokota, Roy Rivera, John Oberle and myself performing the Hamahiga Tonfa (Tonfa or Tounfa in the Shuri dialect). Alan Lee Sensei, Kyle Nakasone, and Garrett Miyagawa performed their version of the Hamahiga Tunfua.

Herbert Ishida Sensei finished Round 1 by performing Sokugi Taikyoku Sono Ichi.

Round 2 followed the same format, but with discussions after each presentation. First again was Roberts Sensei with his Tomari Rohai. Goodin Sensei asked Gerry Tsuda to perform their Rohai and he followed by performing and explaining their moves. After discussing the Tomari Rohai, Alan Yokota and I decided to perform the Itosu Rohai Shodan, although our OSKA / RKHS no longer practice this Kata.

Lemus Sensei followed with explanations of the unique Chikina Tunfa. Our Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinkokai (RKHS) followed with a presentation and explanation of our Hamahiga Tonfa. Alan Lee Sensei, Kyle Nakasone, and Garrett Miyagawa presented and explained their Hamahiga Tunfua, which is a little different from the conventional Hamahiga Tunfua.

Herbert Ishida Sensei again finished the round with Kosugi Taikyoku Sono Ni.

After a 5 minute break which gave everyone an opportunity to compare notes, Herbert Ishida Sensei led everyone through the Kosugi Taikyoku Sono Ni. After 15 minutes everyone partnered up to practice kicking with their toes. After about 10 minutes, it was Lemus Sensei's turn. He had everyone practicing an unconventional Tunfa flip out strike that goes 360 degrees. It seems everyone was having fun, especially the people who are more used to the conventional methods.

Lee Sensei and I followed with our more conventional Tunfa basics.

The session was educational and interesting as always, but this session was fun.

The participants were: Sean Roberts Sensei, Charles Goodin Sensei, Jerry Tsuda, Angel Lemus Sensei, Judy Lemus, Alan Yokota, Pat Nakata, Roy Rivera, John Oberle, Jay Paige, Alan Lee Sensei, Kyle Nakasone, Garrett Miyagawa, and Herbert Ishida Sensei.
Observing were Rodney Shimabukuro Sensei, Carl Kinoshita, and George Drago.

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